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Even in Darkness

  • “This taut psychological page-turner has a gripping, tightly woven plot and is jam-packed with head spinning twists and an overwhelming sense of menace that will keep readers riveted.” —Booklist
  • “Psychologically compelling … Miraculously fresh and harrowing.”—Kirkus Reviews

Joy Miller, once a famed TV evangelist, retired years before when two tragedies struck her family: the first leading her husband to suicide; the second leaving her son dead and his wife and daughter estranged from her.

She now lives a lonely, reclusive life, until a package arrives in the mail containing graphic photographs of three people she knew long ago – all brutally murdered. When Joy reads the note in the package, she knows immediately who it’s from: a ghost from her past, a dangerous individual who knows far too much about the skeletons in Joy’s closet. Then people start disappearing …

“A spooky, suspenseful masterpiece. Super-recommended!”

— Lee Child, #1 international best-selling author of Jack Reacher series.

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