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The Enlightenment Project

  • “Spooky, suspenseful masterpiece.” Lee Child

  • “Superb.” Publishers Weekly

  • In Paperback Now.
  • Published by Severn House/Canongate. Edited by Rachel Slatter, Senior Commissioning Editor.

Have you ever known anyone who survived being possessed? You do now. You’ve met me. Noah Archer is a renowned neurosurgeon, with an impressive success record. He has a happy home, with his beloved wife Moira, their two adopted sons, and a dog who’s a very good girl.

But Noah keeps a dark secret, shared only with his old friend Father Perry Cavanaugh. When he was just a boy, he was possessed by a demon – and it was only thanks to the exorcist priest that he survived.

Now, Noah works at the cutting edge of medical science and religion, researching the effects of spirituality on the brain. His current research study – The Enlightenment Project – promises breakthrough treatments for depression, addiction, and mental illness, and preliminary results are astounding.

But after a late-night emergency surgery, Noah returns to his office to find Father Perry waiting for him, with a terrible warning. The Enlightenment Project may not be closing the door to the darkness at all … but instead letting it in.

Demonic Possession

Fact or Fiction?

Did you know Demonic possession is now a recognized psychiatric condition in the DSM?

Did you know the number of priest exorcists in the US has quadrupled in the last decade?

“On top of being a thrilling read, The Enlightenment Project is an intelligent and fascinating view into the complex worlds of both the medical and the supernatural.”

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