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Manuscript Consulting Inquiry

Please complete this form if you are interested in working with Lynn on your novel. Tell Lynn what you are working on, what your goals are (dream big), and all about your writing worries. Lynn reads and responds to all manuscript inquiries personally.

    Clients Lynn Has Worked With
    • Bonnie MacBird – The original writer of the movie Tron, author of Sherlock Holmes thrillers, Emmy-winning writer/producer and classically trained actor, and author of Sherlock Holmes thrillers Art in the Blood, Unquiet Spirits, Devil’s Due, The Three Locks.
    • Rob Reid – Author of two cyberthriller novels, Year Zero: A Novel, and After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley.
    • Veronica Rossi – Author of The New York Times bestselling book trilogy Under the Never Sky, Riders, and Rebel Spy.
    • Jennifer Givhan – National Endowment for the Arts and PEN/Rosenthal Emerging Voices fellow, author of novels Trinity Sight and Jubilee.
    Novelist to Novelist
    Working with Lynn

    Lynn looks at every aspect of the storytelling – voice. Craft, structure, clarity. Character journey and pace. Story delivery and reader payoff.

    Remember that feedback is not a judgment on your talent, it is nothing more – or less – than Lynn pointing out what is working and what is not working . . . and then coaching you on how to make it work.

    Lynn’s best advice novelist to novelist: “Tell the story you wish someone would tell you.”

    Join Lynn in person
    at Village Well Books & Coffee
    this Saturday to discuss
    The Enlightenment Project
    Nov 5, in Culver City
    starting at 7:00 pm
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