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Just Released, the gripping sequel to THE ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT

The Hunting Dark

Inspired by True Events.

  • “Readers will compulsively turn the pages to see how it all ends” The Enlightenment Project, Publishers Weekly Starred Review

In the Amish countryside of Kentucky, there is a house. Everyone knows about it. They whisper about the things that happen there. Creepy things. Terrible things. It would be better if they shouted: Run.

Two months ago, fragile mother of two Pammie LaRue moved in with her beloved partner Conor. They ignored the knocks on the walls. Whispering voices. Water pooling, with no obvious leak.

Eight days ago, Conor went missing, without a trace. Unless you count the drag marks in the crawl space under the house . . .

The Hunting Dark

The place where this happened is real.

Neurosurgeon Noah Archer doesn’t believe in ghosts and demons and haunted houses — he knows from terrible experience just how real they are. But despite his work with The Enlightenment Project, which pits cutting-edge scientific research against the darkness, he’s no exorcist.

Still, when Pammie pitches up on his doorstep late one night, children in tow, Noah helps. He enters the house. But in doing so, he’s made a terrible mistake. Because once the darkness has its claws in you, it won’t let go . . .

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The Beautiful Risk

An intelligent, provocative standalone thriller from internationally bestselling author Lynn Hightower

  • “Gripping, suspenseful read” —Booklist

  • “Dark and swiftly moving, both a thriller and an examination of how deep a connection can be.” —Kirkus Reviews

The Beautiful Risk is a story of the collateral damage of grief, the adrenaline of revenge; it’s the story of corruption and greed, of ecoterrorism. Above all, it is a romantic thriller, a love story, a tale of courage and of mending a broken heart.

It’s the story of a woman who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

Because when you don’t care if you live or die . . . you are always the most dangerous person in the room.

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A Supernatural Thriller

The Enlightenment Project

“Spooky, suspenseful masterpiece.”— Lee Child
— Publishers Weekly

In Paperback Now

  • “Sensitive characterizations match the imaginative plot. Readers will compulsively turn the pages to see how it all ends” — Publishers Weekly Starred Review

  • Sequel The Hunting Dark coming May 7, 2024

Have you ever known anyone who survived being possessed? You do now. You’ve met me.

That night, late in the OR, exhausted after hours on my feet, topped off with a late night emergency surgery . . .I felt the presence. I stopped for a moment, then, wisely, I ignored it. Wisely, I looked away.

It was the small moments, just like this one, that changed a life. When the crossroad comes, you do not recognize it. You do not know it until afterward, looking back. But this is when it began. Again

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Lynn has authored multiple standalone novels and award-winning series including the London Times Bestseller and New York Times Notable book Flashpoint from The Sonora Blair Series and Satan’s Lambs from the Lena Padget Series for which she won the Shamus Award.

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