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Alien Eyes

David Silver / Elaki Series #2

  • “Hightower takes elements of cyberpunk and novels about a benevolent alien invasion and combines them with the gritty realism of a police procedural to make stories that are completely her own … and believable future with a believable alien culture … interesting settings, intriguing ideas, fascinating characters and a high level of suspense” —Forty Knox Turret

When pouchlings of the stingray-shaped, lime-scented Elaki are found murdered in their beds, Detective David Silver immediately fixes his attention on Angel Eyes, who claims to have been a victim of persecution on her homeworld, and who’s achieved almost saintly status in the eyes of both human and Elaki.

More Praise for David Silver / Elaki Series

“The crimes are out of The Silence of the Lambs, the cops out of Lethal Weapon, and the grimy future out of Blade Runner. Vivid and convincing.” —Lexington Herald-Leader

“Complex … Snappy … Original.”—Asimov’s Science Fiction

“A gritty SF Procedural … realistic and down-and-dirty.” —Locus

“Taut and suspenseful.” —Aboriginal Science Fiction

“One of the best new series in the genre. … Her cast of characters is interesting and diverse, the setting credible, and the pacing rapid-fire and gripping.” —Science Fiction Chronicle

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