The answer to your question is… what was the question?

Here are some of my favorites. And they’re my favorites even if no one has ever asked them, though I think they’ve all been asked, more than once.

What is it like to be a writer?

…like having homework for the rest of your life.

What made you decide to be a writer?

One, I am a superb liar. It’s a definite skill. People may doubt me when I’m telling the truth, but no one ever doubts me when I’m not. I can also level a picture just by looking at it, but so far have not found a way to make money on this.

Leo The Lion

Leo The Lion, who shares my office.

Two, I wanted a job where I could wear jeans to work. This puts me in the category of the more well-dressed, formally attired writer, because most writers show up at their desk in sweat pants — a couple of them in their jockey briefs, but we won’t give your name out, Steve. Your ex-mother-in-law just needed to learn to knock.

Do you think it’s selling out to sell your novels to Hollywood?


What kind of pen do you use and does it matter?

It does, by heavens, matter, and don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t. I spend hours in the pen aisles of office supply stores (no one will go supply shopping with me for this reason). You must go, look, and find the ones that take your fancy. I prefer black ink, medium points, and the occasional cartridge pen. I also like to treat myself to various notepads, and prefer colors sometimes, and then can only be pleased with a primitive chalk white with narrow lines. The amounts to tactile feedback, and I do think it’s worth your while to wander the aisles yourself and indulge in what appeals.

Do you write by longhand, computer, or typewriter.


Do you watch television?

Yes. But then, I’m shallow.

What books do you like to read?

Any author, any genre, anything that tells me a good story. I give a book three chapters. If I’m not hooked, I throw it across the room. The dogs know to duck. I bend the pages of my books, spill coffee on them, often red wine and pasta sauce. Whatever misses my shirt and lands on the pages of the books.

And by the way. If you’re so kind as to read one of my books, and I haven’t got you hooked by the third chapter, by all means throw it across the room.