Feb 212012

I am curled up in my favorite chair with THE CHICK-TIONARY, written by the very talented Anna Lefler. I know from reading her fiction how funny and sparkling her writing talent is, and I admit that I am curled up in my office reading her book rather than working on my own. But how can you resist her definition for I WILL SURVIVE song title: “This female-power masterpiece, written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris and performed by Gloria Gaynor, is arguably the ultimate post-breakup recovery song (see also: breakup). Released in 1978 and subsequently the recipient of numerous significant music-industry awards, “I Will Survive” has retained anthem status through the passing decades. It tells the story of a woman who, initially crushed by the desertion of her lover, comes to realize that she was just fine (better, in fact) without him, only to walk in and find him in her place, expecting her to take back his sorry ass. Oh, we don’t think so.”
Read Anna’s blog — lifejustkeepsgettingweirder.blogspot.com.

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  1. Thanks so much for this, Lynn. I love that the book makes you laugh. (I think I’m showing great restraint in not using multiple exclamation points here. *pucker*)

    😀 Anna

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